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LED Dog Collar

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Are You Still Worried That Your Dogs Easy to Get Missing Or Hurt By Vehicles When You Walk With Your Dogs At Night?

Our ”Led Dog Collar” will help you solve it, Just wearing our collar on your dogs, it’ll be seen from long distance, can keep him from some potential dangers.

1. Reflective Feature
We just had to mention this first because it is what makes this collar stand out. It can be pretty scary to have your dog knocked down just because he couldn’t be seen at night.

This collar makes your dog very obvious, eliminating the excuse of “we didn’t see him”. And allowing you to comfortably walk your very obvious dog at night.

2. Power
This collar is powered by rechargeable batteries. This is actually cost-effective because the product comes with the battery and all you need to do is keep recharging.

The product also comes with a USB cable, so you need not bother about that. To recharge you just need to plug it to any available USB port.

Of course, you should know to never charge the collar while your dog is still wearing it. That could be very disastrous! If fully charged, the batteries can last for 5 hours uninterrupted. And it takes the collar just 1 hour to get fully charged.

3. Light
The LED light stripe is powered by rechargeable batteries and produces different light colors.

The light is quite adjustable too. The collar doesn’t just reflect one steady consistency. You can actually decide what you want it to reflect.

There are steady, slow flashing, and rapid flashing options. Pick whichever light consistency makes you feel better. There are no rules to it.

For those that are wary of bugs that are attracted to light, this does not attract any bugs. You can also turn the light off and use it as a regular collar during the day.

4. Guarantee
Lifetime guarantee on this collar. It seems to be pretty confident that the collar will not unravel on you or suddenly stop reflecting.

5. Clasp

The clasp used is a buckle. The buckle is made of durable plastic and can withstand the vigorous pawing and tugging of over-enthusiastic dogs.

Also, the clasp is secure enough that your dog won’t be able to get out of the collar without help.

6. Material

This collar is made of very sturdy nylon that makes it durable and resistant to enthusiastic pulling. This also makes it not unravel easily so your dog can wear it for a decent period of time.

Not just that, nylon makes the collar easy to wear. You need not fear about skin reactions, abrasions and all such stuff. It’s gentle on the skin.

Safety First: Makes you and your dog more visible at night and in low light conditions! If you have a long hair dog, you can choose the brighter colours.
And the best thing is that the collar doesn't get hot, safety for dog.
USB rechargeable: You can charge this with any USB. No hassle with replacing batteries and no extra costs.
It is charged pretty fast, around 1-2 hour.
3 flashing mode: This dog led collar can be set to quick flash, slow flash or steady glow by pushing the button.
Waterproof: It can be used in rainy days.
Also work as a decoration-let your dog more attractive.
The glowing time is about 3 hours and the charging time is about 20 minutes. The red light is light up when charging and will go off when done.

Package include:
1 x Led light up dog collar
1 x USB cable

Some tips for dog owners:
1.Measure your dog's neck before cut. You can cut between the lights to the length you need. It still works after cut.
One tip before cutting them down, you can switch it on to see where the LEDs are.
2. When charging, please ensure the switch be closed. Or it will take more time to charge.
3.We suggest that not to unclip the collar each time, but to slip on and off. This is to protect the closing mechanism which may loosen over time.

Please note:
1.The collar can't be used to lead your pet.
2.Please don't cut the collar when the collar is on.

Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews

Works, lights, loading. Plus USB cable.


All as in the description, shines brightly, the size approached. Very satisfied.


Collar is a real find! Since the tail likes to chase cats in the dark season on evening walks do not have time to understand where he threw. And now you can see it. The leash to this collar would not recommend to fasten, the carabiner does not cause confidence (this is if the dog is medium or large, not special will survive). The charge lasts about 4-5 hours of walking (this is somewhere for 2 days). It shines brightly, and you can see both the pedestrian and the drivers notice the dog Baskerville. So I recommend!


The product corresponds to the description.